About Saint Lucia Consulting

Beijing Saint Lucia Hospital Management Consulting Company Pty. Ltd. is the largest Chinese provider of credible guidance on overseas medical care, in order to serve Chinese patients suffering from serious diseases. Established in 2010, Saint Lucia now has three offices located in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou. In 2014, Sequoia Capital formally invested in Saint Lucia Consulting, which was the first of such kind in this industry in China. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive service package that starts from the moment a patient decides to travel overseas for medical treatment, until the moment he/she comes back to China after the completion of their treatment. The only services that Saint Lucia does not engage in are actual medical diagnosis and treatment practices. Furthermore, Saint Lucia does not offer services for overseas body enhancement, such as cosmetic surgery or anti-aging treatments. Instead, Saint Lucia only focuses on the patients with serious diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases or neurological diseases. Over the past four years, our team has provided many Chinese corporate executives, the wealthy elite and their families with highly personal medical facilitation and consulting services.

In the United States, Saint Lucia has a formal contractual relationship with Partners HealthCare, which is one of the largest network of hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School, and includes Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, McLean Hospital, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Additionally, St Lucia has signed formal contractual agreements with Mayo Clinic and Boston Children’s Hospital. Also, Saint Lucia has working relationships with MD Anderson Cancer Center, MSKCC, John Hopkins Hospital and Cleveland Clinic. Internationally, Saint Lucia has also established official contracts with King’s College Hospital and The Royal Brumpton Hospital in United Kingdom; and National Cancer Center, Severance Hospital and Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea. Furthermore, Saint Lucia is a partner of UnitedHealh Group in the United States, and Munich Reinsurance Group in Germany. Since Saint Lucia only collaborates with the best hospitals and medical resources worldwide, we are able to facilitate our clients to the most advanced medical resources available anywhere in the world.

Saint Lucia’s staff consists of a dedicated team of highly trained medical practitioners, professional medical translators, visa consultants, and concierge service experts to assist our clients with medical tourism facilitation. Our medical referral team is led by Dr. Lian, who was a specialist in China’s most prestigious hospital, the Peking Union Hospital. His assistant Dr. Wang is a graduate of Heidelberg Medical School, and holds the licence to practice medicine in Germany. Together our team of medical referral specialists make up the core of Saint Lucia’s business. Next, Saint Lucia’s medical translators are all graduates from China’s most prestigious universities, such as the Peking University’s Medical English Translation specialty. Additionally, they have been further trained by Saint Lucia to maintain the accuracy and reliability of their medical translation. We also offer visa application services, accommodation and logistics facilitation services. Furthermore, Saint Lucia has several well-trained service teams located in Boston, Houston and in Rochester Minnesota. These teams provide our clients with concierge services, such as everyday translation, chauffeuring, and any general assistance that the patient might require during their treatments overseas.

Our mission is to overcome the geographical and language barriers that inhibit patients in China from receiving world-class medical care. By cooperating with top hospitals and medical specialists from around the world, Saint Lucia provides our clients with access to state-of-the-art medical services that would have otherwise remained out of reach. Whether our clients are considering a second opinion service or seeking medical treatments abroad, Saint Lucia’s multidisciplinary team is available to assist our clients with evaluating their options, choosing medical specialists, making appointments at top hospitals around the world, applying for visas, translating medical records, and concierge services after the patients have arrived at their hospital. Furthermore, Saint Lucia employs the most stringent client information privacy and security policies, which comply with Chinese government regulations. This ensures that our clients can trust Saint Lucia to deliver unparalleled levels of professional services.

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